Taking Kiwi education to China - Christchurch educators working together...

ChristchurchNZ and Christchurch Educated teamed up to produce a series of agent- and student-facing events in China last month, joined by representatives of 13 education providers in Canterbury.


Karen Haigh, ChristchurchNZ Market Project Manager, said the event series was possible due to the highly collaborative way that Canterbury education providers work together.
“Collaborating offshore enables us to present the pathway opportunities for students, and highlight the lifestyle opportunities that make the study experience in Canterbury unique,” she said.
The collaboration continued within ChristchurchNZ, the new city promotion agency that brings together economic development, tourism, major events and international education. For the first time since coming together, the ChristchurchNZ International Education and Tourism teams decided to work together offshore, promoting Christchurch tourism alongside study opportunities.
ChristchurchNZ’s tourism goal for 2025 is to prioritise stronger relationships with export education to better leverage the reciprocal benefits, and increase value for both sectors.
Alistair Crozier, New Zealand Consul-General in Chengdu, said the collaboration between the tourism and education sectors was a no-brainer.
“The inclusion of a tourism element shows that education promotion can be more effective with cross-sectoral synergies, and that raising visitor profile is a key part of student attraction.”
The delegation took part in the ‘Experience Christchurch: New Zealand Education Expo’ in Chengdu, which was part of the New Zealand Consulate’s first ever ‘New Zealand month’ in Sichuan. The event was supported by the Sichuan provincial government education department, which Christchurch Educated has had a growing relationship with since signing a memorandum of understanding in 2014.



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