The champions of 1905 in Canterbury rugby - the day little Le Bons Bay soundly beat the mighty Linwood from Christchurch

Cardigan holding the Cup

Uncle Cardigan in later life

Map of Banks Peninsula

My great-uncle Cardigan Petterson was born on the voyage out from Plymouth, England , during the Petterson family's emigration to New Zealand in 1873 from Gotland Island, Sweden, to Le Bons Bay, Banks Peninsula in Canterbury  (now part of Christchurch) New Zealand.

Cardigan played rugby in Le Bons Bay, firstly at school, and then for Le Bons Bay Football Club, and later served as the club's secretary. He played as a forward and was vice-captain of the illustrious  unbeaten 1905 team which won the Peninsula Rugby Association's senior championship in that year.

Of the four games played in the competition, the Le Bons team won all four, scoring 40pts for and only 11pts against. They then took on the top team from Christchurch, Linwood, as a result.

The Linwood team came to Le Bons Bay aboard the "John Anderson" and was soundly beaten for their trouble.

It is to be historically noted that Linwood is one of the greatest club teams in not only Christchurch and New Zealand rugby, but is comparable to the great Petone club in Wellington rugby, and Ponsonby in Auckland club rugby.

Acknowledgements: Robert O' Connor


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